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gas-leak-detectionAll of Knights’ service vehicles are equipped with pressure testing and gas leak detection devices. Our staff have many years of experience in locating gas leaks which enables them to detect and repair gas leaks quickly and safely.

If a replacement service is required, we are fully equipped to install new gas lines in either copper, galvanised iron or composite materials.

Gas leaks are extremely dangerous and should be attended to by a qualified gas fitter urgently

Natural gas has an odour added to it for safety reasons, if you can smell gas then please contact us immediately.

Approximately every 10 years Envestra is obligated by law to replace your gas meter with a refurbished and tested meter or a new one. When this happens the gas fitter by law is obligated to test the internal pipework of a property. If a leak is found on a property the meter will still be replaced but a blank will be placed in the meter to prevent gas passing through it and a card will be left to explain what has happened.

Knights gas fitters are qualified and equipped to find and repair the gas leak, remove the blank and provide a certificate of compliance to prove that the work has been carried out as per the gas code.

Knights vehicles each carry gas leak detectors, CO2 detectors and pressure testing equipment

Process to find a gas leak

  • Retest the service using a manometer to confirm that there is a leak
  • If safe to do so reconnect the meter and attempt to find the leak using a gas detector
  • If no leak is found then the appliances are disconnected one at a time in case there is a leaking valve on an appliance
  • If all appliances are disconnected and the manometer still shows a leak then part or all of the main gas line may have to be repaired or replaced.

Knights are equipped with all of the latest products and tools to repair any gaslines and our service team has years of knowledge and experience to repair any gas appliance.

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